Kelsey Ogletree, Former Editor-in-Chief, Connect Faith

I love your original voice and great topic ideas.”  







Matt Swenson, Current Editor-in-Chief, Connect Faith

“I’m a big fan of your work!”







Former Senior Editor, Connect Faith

“Keep your unique pitches for story ideas coming, please!”






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Dianna, Leader of MOMS, Ventura

“The strengths of Kelly’s talks are her stories. The way she shares, her vulnerable persona, and genuine love for the people in the room all help draw people in. She’s nurturing, encouraging and great at sharing transformational moments in her own life; these relatable stories bring issues we all deal with to life.” 







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Jessica, Leader of MOMS, Ventura

“Thank you for this morning, Kelly! It was awesome! I am feeling inspired to take control of some things in my life that need my attention- some to pick up and others to put down.”