So Long Survival: Going From Barely Surviving To Living With Purpose

speakingI’m passionate about helping parents bring proven leadership principles into our homes. Mission, vision, values, goal- setting and debriefs shouldn’t be reserved for Fortune 500 companies and large organizations. Let’s bring some intention to our families and homes where it matters most.

This hour and a half workshop is all about the mamas! It’s a restorative, inspiring and encouraging time to take stock of our current lives, narrow down our priorities, define our purposes and dive into them together. Our main priorities and purpose can and should drive everything we do; starting with those opportunities to which we say “yes” and “no.” 

This workshop features vulnerable story-telling, facilitated personal reflection, interactive discussion, community with other moms, laughs, “me too” moments, and a chance to drink your coffee while it’s still hot!

“The strengths of Kelly’s workshop are her stories. The way she shares, her vulnerable persona and genuine love for the people in the room all help draw people in. She’s nurturing and encouraging and great at sharing transformational moments in her own life; these relatable stories bring issues all moms deal with to life.” -Dianna, Leader of MOMS, Ventura

“Thank you for this morning, Kelly! It was awesome! I am feeling inspired to take control of some things in my life that need my attention- some to pick up and others to put down.” -Jessica, Leader of MOMS, Ventura

I’ve led break-out sessions and workshops at the following organizations:

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Outreach Weekend at Mariners Church, Irvine, CA

Mission Church, Ventura, CA (scroll down to “Mark & Kelly’s Story”)

If you’re on the leadership team of a Mom’s group or gathering, let’s talk! I’d love to lead your group of sweet moms through this workshop. Contact me here.