Richard Power’s Eulogy

img_2221When I think of my grandpa, my mind fills with images of him in the kitchen- baking bread, shortbread cookies, and his famous lemon meringue pies. He’s wearing a white apron and a warm smile, his fingers are caked with flour. My cousins and I loved watching Garfield on VHS at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We checked the chicken coop for eggs, hopped the fence in the backyard to put pennies on the train track to be smashed, and “played babies” with the bottles, bibs and glass jars of baby food Grandpa stored in the garage after his decades of working for Gerber Baby Company. Continue reading

Mama, What You Do Matters


I recently got to speak to a room full of moms, and each time I sat down to prepare for my time with them, the same image popped into my head over and over again. It was 2007, and I was in grad school. The class was on mentorship; each student had to have a mentor and be a mentor.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? Continue reading

Whole 30, Whole Me Part 2 And Shameless Plug

This post is Part 2 of Whole 30, Whole Me. Click here to read Part 1.

Mark and I been on Whole30 for almost three months now. Once we completed the initial 30 days, we cheated for Ava’s 6th birthday, a date night and Mark’s birthday. Two of the three times (the birthdays) were stamped with an enthusiastic “WORTH IT!” The other cheat, a date night gone wild, left us feeling bloated, sluggish, foggy-brained and hung over. Not worth it. Continue reading

Whole 30, Whole Me Part 1

EG Quote

I recently became sick of my own BS regarding my health. I had a ton of excuses as to why I’d put it on the backburner: I’m a busy mom of two small children, the writer’s life is a sedentary one, I’m an adult; free to eat and drink what I want. The truth was: I was out of control. I was twenty pounds overweight, I lacked self-discipline and I felt sluggish. Continue reading

Divine Appointment


I need to write. I have a deadline.

The kids need their mom. You have a deadline, but you have kids too, remember? 

I do, thank you.

I know! I could go to the gym, work out for an hour and then leave them in the childcare for another hour or two to get some work done. 

That sounds like a blast for them.

No really, I’d bring them lunch in between working out and working. They love the childcare at the gym. 

It’s Saturday and it’s beautiful outside, you should take them to the park.” Continue reading

Let’s Do This, 2017!

coffee-notebook-pencil-work-desk-163131A new year.  A fresh start. I’m such a sucker for new and fresh, the hope and crispness get me every time. I have big plans for 2017 and I’m so excited to jump into them. My goals for this year, in order of importance:

God. Loving God and following hard after Him.

  • Wake up at 5am every morning to spend time with God through Bible study and prayer.

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