Let’s Do This, 2017!

coffee-notebook-pencil-work-desk-163131A new year.  A fresh start. I’m such a sucker for new and fresh, the hope and crispness get me every time. I have big plans for 2017 and I’m so excited to jump into them. My goals for this year, in order of importance:

God. Loving God and following hard after Him.

  • Wake up at 5am every morning to spend time with God through Bible study and prayer.

Mark. Loving, helping, and serving him.

  • Ask myself every day how I can serve him well and do it
  • Pray for him
  • Encourage him and his endeavors (half iron man, writing, supporting our family)
  • Go on regular dates (at least once/month if not week)
  • Regular intimacy
  • Enjoy family dinners together

Ava. Loving, teaching and leading her well.

  • Spend time with just her every day
  • Teach her how to read
  • Read to her 20 mins/day
  • Enjoy family dinners together

Luke. Loving, teaching and leading him well.

  • Spend time with him every day
  • Teach him ABC’s, counting and colors
  • Read to him 20 mins/day
  • Potty train him
  • Enjoy family dinners together

Our Home. Making our home a haven. 

  • Create and keep a safe, clean, organized, well-stoked, smooth-running, comfortable and beautiful home for us to enjoy

My Personal Growth & Development. Developing myself so that I have something to give to others.

  • Loose 20 lbs
  • Work out 6 days/week
  • Do foundation exercises every day to reduce back pain
  • Eat healthy
    • Breakfast: egg & cheese burrito
    • Lunch: fruit and veggie smoothie
    • Dinner: reasonably sized dinner, no seconds
  • Read before bed every night (writers read)

Ministry. Writing, blogging, speaking, leading women towards Christ.


  • Freelance Writing
    • Pitch one article/month
    • Write one article/month
    • Obtain 2 new clients this year
  • Write and self-publish Why I Write… And Think You Should Too 
  • Write and self-publish Her Life Actually Works. A book for women about bringing leadership principles (huddles, debriefs, mission, vision, values) into our homes and every day lives.
  • Continue writing Spark resource
  • Go through all writing notes and mine out those points with potential


  • Post consistently, at least one post/week
  • Add resource (“Favorites”) page to website


  • Join Toastmasters on Tuesday mornings
  • Pitch workshop to mom groups all over Ventura County
  • Present my workshop, So Long Survival, 5 more times


  • Continue leading Spark group well and with intention, praying for those God’s entrusted to me, listening to God and acting on his promptings for the group
  • Develop leaders within the group
  • Attend writing, speaking, leading conferences like Beth Moore’s Lit in Houston in February, seek out a few other conferences to attend. One per quarter:
    • Winter: Lit
    • Spring 2017 ?
    • Summer 2017 ?
    • Fall 2017?
  • Finish Beth Moore’s Entrusted

Word For The Year

I’ve never done the whole “choose a word for the year thing” but I’m doing it this year. My word is discipline. I figure it’s going to take a lot of it to achieve all that I want to this year.

Verse For The Year

My verse for the year is, Live a life worthy of the calling you have received (Ephesians 4:1). My calling has never been stronger or louder than it is this year and I want and need to live a life worthy of it. This list of goals will become my to-do list every day, taking most of my time, effort and head space. This will mean saying “no” to many other good activities and opportunities in order to stay focused on my purpose and a firm “no” to those things that are in direct opposition to what I’m going for: trash tv, eating too much, drinking too much, gossiping, putting other women down, crude speech (even if it’s funny), being hard on my kids, fighting with my husband, a whole host of things that could quickly derail me from my purpose.

pexels-photo-285173Your Turn

What are your goals for this year? What are you saying “yes” to? What are you saying “no” to?  There’s something powerful about declaring our goals out loud. It’s good accountability and it’s the reason I posted mine. Now it’s your turn, let’s hear them!

Let’s do this, 2017!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Do This, 2017!

  1. PattylParker says:

    My big health goal is drinking more water. And my big vocation goal is to be paid more often than I volunteer my time to write and communicate.

    Love your goals! And your verse for the year is perfect! Cheering for you from Texas!


  2. Pamela Fullmer says:

    I love your blog Kelly! I need to set some goals for 2017 as well. This was such a great reminder. Looking forward to more of your posts. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love how specific your goals are and I too belive that it really helps to vocalize our goals. Discipline and balance really resonate for me as my 2017 focus and ensuring that what matters most to me I do first, with the most energy, such as quality time with God and family. I also hope to keep trying to better balance all aspects of my being, esp. the physical in my case as I seem to give that the least of my energy. So I hope to do more exercise and go to bed earlier. Thanks for encouraging us to pause and reflect 🙂


  4. Edith says:

    You have such lovely goals lined up. May God help you to accomplish them in Jesus’ name. And the word for the year thing, I think I might be trying that out too.


  5. Lauren C. Moye says:

    I’m not big on New Year resolutions because I try to create goals for myself all throughout the year. However, this year I’m going to focus on truly building a community for Christian mothers. There is a real need for community in this area.


  6. warobean says:

    You have your goals so nicely laid out! I really need to make ones for my relationships with my children. That would be such a great way to be closer and nurture their relationships with the Lord. Thank you, this was really inspiring!


  7. keligooch says:

    OH my…
    Your goals are awesome! You have inspired me to be more specific and be sure to include the “whole” person, if you know what I mean. I also love how you have a specific goal for each member of your family.
    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Kelly you are just AMAZING! Thank you for the 2017 Goal reminder. I need to get on it. You are so thoughtful and I wish you much success with all your goals. You CAN do it! God bless your 2017! ❤


  9. Melissa Schlies says:

    Thank you for sharing your goals for 2017! This has been on my heart and mind this month as well! My husband and I are getting up earlier in the morning on week days, watching less TV on weekly basis to make more time for our goals and to read. I am also working on my writing, and so have been working out a routine for that…and then there is always that lovely exercise routine that needs some work! Great Blog, and I hope to meet you at LIT!


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