The Power of “One Thing”


I recently travelled alone from Los Angeles to Denver to attend the inaugural Belong Tour with one of my best friends. I’m used to toting two car seats, a double BOB stroller, and a huge diaper bag around the airport when I travel so it was a bit unnerving to be on my own. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something- like a tiny human. It was mostly exhilarating though; writing, reading and sipping coffee in nice jeans, a cute blouse and heels is a novelty these days. Sweet freedom!

Belong Tour is a live event bringing women together in 12 different cities throughout the nation this fall. The impressive lineup of speakers includes Jen Hatmaker, Shauna Niequist and Nichole Nordeman. I’ve admired these women for years now, reading their books, listening to them speak, following them on social media. They’ve shaped my thinking and it’s not dramatic to say, they’ve shaped my life. I’m not a big sports fan so this event was my Super Bowl, World Series and NBA Championship all rolled into one.

Michele and I took it all in, scribbling notes, laughing, crying, side-eyeing each other when words spoken rang all too true. We left with newfound purposes; feeling inspired and excited to dive into them.

Our bubbles were burst, however, upon arriving back to our homes and offices on Monday. A sick, needy and clingy toddler met me at the front door. Michele was met by an overflowing e-mail inbox.

Click here to find out how Michele and I overcame our “conference culture shock.”

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