I Write Because It’s My Purpose

*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge series, “Why I Write… And Think You Should Too” To read more from the series click here.*

fullsizerender-jpgI write because it’s my purpose; or a part of it at least. I recently attended the Belong Tour with one of my best friends, Michele, in Denver, Colorado. Before we were even seated we were handed beautiful postcards with “Rock Your Purpose”printed on one side and space to write our purposes on the other. I held it for most of the conference, not quite sure what to write. Then after one of my favorite authors and speakers, Jen Hatmaker, spoke on how to pay attention to clues to find our purpose I wrote, “Writing, speaking and leading women towards Christ.”

God and I, well we have this thing, this dance, where He speaks and I write. It’s been going on for quite some time. Junior high at least, maybe earlier, but we’ve been going steady for awhile now. Until very recently, those things were between us and for us. We were exclusive. Back in February of this year, I heard God start to whisper crazy things to me like, “write out loud,” (what does that even mean?), and “the things I speak to you? They’re meant for others too” and simply, “it’s time.” I was scared. The things that God speaks and I write are intimate. Sharing them would reveal what I was dealing with: pride, anger, lust, discontentment, comparison, problems with my kids, rough patches in my marriage. Share them? No thanks God, I’m good.

And then I came upon this verse and it wrecked me:


“Lord, speak.” I said out loud. I’m listening and I promise to take whatever you say in the dark and speak it in the daylight, whisper in my ear and I’ll proclaim it from the roofs, I promised in my heart and mind.

We’ve always been a good team, God and I. He speaks and I write and act on what He says. Over the years I’ve learned to obey no matter how crazy His requests seem. My friend, Jessica, and I taught a kindergarten class at Vacation Bible School last summer that both of our oldest children attended. The theme that day was “God Sends Me” and we were learning about Jonah and how when God called him to share His word with the people of Ninevah he was scared and chose to go the exact opposite way of Ninevah. We talked about how it’s never a good idea to go the opposite way that God calls us to and one of the kid’s agreed saying, “Ya, I’ve already tried that.” Five years old. I died.

So what about you? Is God stirring up something in your heart, saying things to your soul that are perhaps meant for others? If the answer is yes or even maybe, then I, along with that little boy, encourage you to get writing!

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