I Write Because I’m Tired Of Consuming

*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge series, “Why I Write… And Think You Should Too” To read more from the series click here.*

I’ve consumed books, articles, blogs, church services, workshops, seminars, conferences, camps, events, classes, and magazines for a long time now; most of my life. I’m tired of consuming. I’m ready to contribute. I’ve taken long enough, I want to give. I want to leave this earth all used up, wrung out; no gifts, skills, talents, or experiences left on the table. I don’t want any of what I’ve been given to go to waste.

images-4My fist job was at a publishing company. I remember reading through the manuscripts thinking I want to write this stuff, not market it. I quit that job to go to seminary thinking I needed more education, more credentials, more experience… and as long as I was putting in my order, a husband would be nice. 11 years later I recently found myself in a similar situation thinking, I don’t want to just read this stuff, I want to write it. So I am.

Once you write, you’ll never read the same again. It’s like attending a wedding shortly after getting married yourself. You have a whole new appreciation for the grossly overpriced miniscule appetizers, stunning flowers, intricate center pieces and most all, open bar. You know how much time and money, planning and decision-making went into each and every detail so you enjoy all of it that much more.

If you’re no longer satisfied with consuming quality writing and want to start contributing, I’ll leave you with this blog post On Becoming A Writer from one of my all-time favorite author, speaker, woman. You’re welcome.



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