I Write Because I’m Good At It

*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge series, “Why I Write… And Think You Should Too” To read more from the series click here.*

images-1I write because I’m good at it. There I said it. I’m under deadline (that’s still so fun to say) so I picked the topic about which I have the least to say. Who doesn’t like doing what they’re good at? That thing that comes naturally to you, the one that you can get lost doing for hours, that thing that ain’t no thing; for me it’s always been writing.

One clue that you’re a writer is if you prayed for a test with essay questions over a multiple choice test during your school years. Man, I rocked those essay questions. Even if I had no idea what the correct answer was, I could almost always make something beautiful with my words and get a good grade. Not the case with those dreaded fill in the blanks, or worse, math.

sendquestionbuttonAnother way I knew I was a writer was when I realized others actually don’t spend hours “crafting” e-mails for work. At every one of my jobs, I’ve poured over making my e-mails sing. My co-workers would send one line e-mails with no punctuation “when is the meeting” Some can’t be bothered with the likes of capitalization and punctuation, while I squirm in my seat leaving that last line in its current state. Text messages too; the thought and revisions I put into a single text message almost defeats the purpose of a text message. Now writing is my job and I get to spend as much time doing it as I want. Hahahahaha, just kidding. I have kids.

If this is you, if you’ve always enjoyed writing, if it comes easily to you, if you have a way with words and always have, then please write. These are all clues about your passion, your purpose, your jam. Listen to them.

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