Why I Write… And Think You Should Too


*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge series, “Why I Write… And Think You Should Too”*

The Write 31 Days Challenge is an online writing challenge where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on it every day in the month of October. I’ve heard about this challenge for awhile now. Some of my favorite bloggers have taken it and it’s stretched and grown them and I’m always down for a challenge. Yes, October is right now and no, I haven’t planned for it more than writing out a few ideas just a moment ago, but I’m going for it! Pushing through my perfectionist tendencies and just posting something every.single.day for 31 days is going to be good for me so let’s do this!

Day 1: I write because I can’t stop. Honestly, I’m addicted. Our small group this week opened with the following “ice-breaker” question, “What would your friends or family say you can’t stop talking about? What things do you love telling everyone about?” Mine was writing. I’m downright evangelistic about it. I can’t stop doing it and I can’t stop talking about it. When I’m not massaging words, I’m thinking about the words I want to get home to massage. I’m completely obsessed. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Doesn’t this sound fun? You should totally get into writing too. Your house can be a mess, you can go without showering for two days, and your kids can watch way too much TV so you can get some precious words down on your laptop. Sold yet? No? It’s cool, I have 30 more days to convince you.

Day 2: I write to make sense out of life.

Day 3: I write to connect to others. 

Day 4: I write because I’m good at it. 

Day 5: I write because I’m tired of consuming.

Day 6: I write because it’s healing. 

Day 7: I write because it’s my purpose.


11 thoughts on “Why I Write… And Think You Should Too

    • Kelly Russell says:

      My new motto is, “Go to bed reading, wake up writing.” It used to be “Watch Bravo and drink wine ‘tiil 11pm, wake up exhausted and annoyed by my kids for simply waking up.” I’ll take this new life, haha!


    • Kelly Russell says:

      Lorraine! I love seeing you here ; ) I have 15 reasons listed in my journal. That’s it, just a list, not developed at all, no notes on them. I’m scared too! I think it’ll be so good for me to just do it though, keep it light and manageable and fun, that’s my goal. You have ’til the fifth of the month to link up ; )


  1. Paula Power says:

    I’m glad you’re doing this at your age. My first thought was, “I write because if I don’t, I’ll forget it”. I’m glad you’re one of those people who can have a party with words!
    Let your hands dance across your keyboard!


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