Well HELLO! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Kelly; wife to Mark and “Mom, Mom, Mama, MAMA!” to Ava (7 years) and Luke (4 years). We live in Ventura, CA; a charming and more than a little bit funky beach town in Southern California. I’m from here but ran away a decade ago. I picked up a master’s degree and a husband from my three-year stint in Denver, CO. I call them my souvenirs; which honestly, was the plan all along.

I have a Master’s in Leadership and I’ve gone from using it at a single’s group in Denver (yes, where I met my husband, shhh), to a mega-church in Orange County, to a rapidly growing church plant here in town; and now solely leading my little family. It feels small sometimes, this calling to care for and serve a hard-working husband and two little ones with lots and lots of demands starting the second they open their eyes in the morning, and sacred at others. I miss vocational ministry. Every day. But I know it will still be there when these kids are off to school for the better part of the day. For now, it’s wiping noses and little round booties while rocking yoga pants and top knots for me. In other words, I live a very glamorous life. But it’s also trips to the zoo and cracking up at toots and big slobbery, open-mouthed kisses from my little Lover Lou so I’m determined to soak it up and savor it.

I can almost hear you from the other side of the screen.

Why a website then? 

Why a blog?

I thought you JUST said your life isn’t glamorous.

Trust me, I’ve been asking myself the same questions. The truth is, I need a reason to look up from the loads of laundry and the dishes in the sink and the grocery shopping and meal prep and the cleaning up afterward. So in between preschool drop offs (in my active wear) and trying to rally myself to actually get to the gym, you’ll find me here, trying to make something beautiful with my words, chasing the sacred among the ordinary and trying to savor the heck out of it.

I hope you grab a cup of coffee or a glass of chardonnay and stay awhile. If my words strike a chord with you, can I ask that you please engage in the conversation? I’m committed to “going there” and when I do, there are few more beautiful words in the English language than, “me too.” Come on, don’t leave me hanging. Enough about me, I want to know about YOU.